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The Virginia Way


The Virginia Way has always been one where elected officials and leaders across the state work together to get things done. Many of the achievements in the Commonwealth can be traced back to this approach. We need more of this today across all levels of government.

Well-being for all...

Craig did not coin the phrase “a rising tide lifts all boats,” but he is certainly inspired by it; especially being fond of metaphors.  This phrase is quite often used to indicate coming prosperity.  If you are in a boat prepared for the tide to come in, then you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.  However, if you are without a boat unable to swim or in a vessel full of holes, when the tide rolls you have treacherous times ahead.

Economic Growth


Economic growth is the necessary fuel to propel personal and community wealth and development.  We need to create a positive business climate to promote the growth of existing and new industries taking a 21st century view towards taxes, regulation, infrastructure and workforce planning while building safe, healthy and resilient communities across the Commonwealth.

In a rising tide, wealth includes the well-being, or flourishing, of neighbors, neighborhoods and cities as much as it is about our personal success.  It’s a vision for a common good; where both individuals and our communities gain during times of economic growth.

Safer, Stronger and Healthier Communities

Craig created the new Rising Tide Fund to pursue prosperity for all Virginians—through better businesses, safer and stronger communities, and a healthy environment for our kids to grow and flourish.  Policies promoting economic growth do not have to be in conflict with this goal.

Investing in Our Future

The Rising Tide Fund is a political action committee specifically designed to promote people and initiatives that value what we value.  Virginia can and should be number one for business, number one for jobs, and number one for quality of life.  Those who join the Rising Tide will participate in an exciting agenda that includes participation in an elite roundtable seeking open communications with our elected officials and tangible results.  Thereby, shaping the future of Virginia.   We can (and must) do better.

Rising Tide Fund
P.O. Box 26141
Alexandria, VA 22313
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